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Lillian *Lily* Blackstar
Chapter 1 - Part I
-Littleroot Town and Route 101-

" The dawn of a new journey! "

“ Guess this is it?! ” Lily said as she stared at the lime green lab that was awaiting her to receive her first pokemon and finally turn a new leaf as a trainer. The girl had arrived in the Hoenn region two days earlier than expected so in the last few days she rented a room in town and spent some quality time with the locals. She had been a bit skeptical about them but soon warmed up to the family that took care of her for two days, how could she not, they even stacked her bag with meals to last her two weeks. But enough with that, Lily took a deep breath as she opened the door to the building and slowly entered closing the door behind her. As she went into the lab all she could see was a middle aged man with brown hair and a very neat lab coat, who was examining some charts at his desk.

Um excuse me is this Professor Birch’s lab? “
Lily asked politely.

“ Yes this is my lab.” The man said putting down his papers and raising his head. “What can I help you with young lady?”

“I’m Lillian Blackstar, from the Sinnoh region here to pick up my starter.”

“Nice to finally meet you. Come this way.” He said getting up from his desk and walking up to what looked like a sophisticated container. He pushed a button and up came several pokeballs, each with a name tag in front of them. “ Lillian here lies your new friend. Come on see what kind of pokemon it.” The professor urged the girl after placing the pokeball in her hands.

“ Guess this is it. Come out!!!”
Lily said and pushed the button on the pokeball waiting in anticipation as the stream of light materialized into what looked like a baby elephant. “ You’re so cute!!!!!” Lily said getting down at the pokemon’s level and patting her on the head.

“Phanpy the long nose pokemon: It is strong despite its compact size. It can easily pick up and carry an adult human on its back. “

A strange voice came from the device that professor Birch pointed at the pokemon. “ And this is your Pokedex to help you in your travels….oh and almost forgot her are some empty pokeballs, we wouldn’t want you to wander around with just one little girl.”

“So you’re a female Phanpy.”
Lily said as she thanked the professor and placed the gift she received in her bag. The pokemon nodded its head in approval with a big smile on her face. Phanpy came closer to Lily and started inspecting the girl’s hand with her nose. “ What do you say I give you a nickname? How about …how about…Lucy??” Lily asked the pokemon.

the pokemon cried smiling then knocked Lily on the ground as some sort sign of friendship.

“Guess that’s a clear yes!” the professor giggled. “ As you see Phan….Lucy is very strong even though she is in her early stages, so make good use of that trait. “

“ I will professor. Thanks once again for this opportunity. Guess I’ll be taking my leave. Goodbye!”
Lily said then turned around with her pokemon sticking close by.

“ Farewell my dear and good luck!”

The two exited the lab and slowly walked toward the outskirts of the town. Lily had spent two days in this peaceful place and was dying to get out in the open fields and finally start her journey, and soon enough Lily and Lucy were facing the edge of Route one. The path was a very beautiful route with lush green grass lurking all over, shaded by some trees from place to place. The wind was blowing gently as Lily got her Pokedex and pointed it and Phanpy.

“ Hmm her it says you know Tackle, Growl and…interesting Counter! Nice move set for a start.”
Lily said after closing the Pokedex.

Lucy said jumping in front of Lily and pointing towards a nearby patch of grass. Lilt turned her eyes towards where her pokemon was pointing and saw that two Pidgeys were attacking and innocent little worm pokemon. The worm was shooting out silky thin thread to try and defend himself but it was in vain, the two bird pokemon would just simply flap their wings and use Gust to repel the attack, then dive to peck the little critter.

In a nearby tree another little pokemon had spotted the scene just as Lily did. It was hiding between some leaves clutching its fist as the Pidgeys dived for another Peck attack. The pokemon had enough, it just could sit still and watch the scene continue, it just had to help the poor pokemon, but before it was about to go down into action, Lily and Lucy jumped into the grass in between the worm pokemon and the flying predators. Both she and Lucy got pecked a few times before the birds flew back a few feet to get some room for the next attacks.

“You ok Lucy?”
Lily asked as the pokemon opened her eyes. The pokemon nodded and jumped in front of Lily ready to battle. “Don’t worry we’ll protect you” the girl said to the worm pokemon as she put her hand on a scratch on her left arm. “Ok Lucy use Tackle on one of the Pidgeys . “ and with that Lucy sprung through the grass aiming for the Pidgey on the right. She leaped up into the air and smashed with all her force into the Pidgey knocking it back.

the other one cried and as its comrade fell on the ground it unleashed a powerful Gust attack sending the ground type elephant tumbling at Lily feet. This gave the other Pidgeys enough time to get back up and straighten its feathers. The two birds flew up and then dived down with their beaks up front.

“ Guess this is a good time to put your move into action. Use Counter! ”
Lily shouted as the birds were getting closer. Suddenly Lucy’s body started glowing in an orange aura and just as the two Pidgeys touched the surface of the aura with their attacks the two birdbrains were blasted back at double the power. They were sent flying into the air a big couple of miles….never to be heard or scene. “ Now that’s more like it. Nicely done Lucy!” Lily said grabbing her pokemon and spinning around with joy.


“Ok now let’s take care of you, but let’s go under that tree.”
Lily said turning to the worm pokemon who now was breathing relieved. It looked curious at Lily and Phanpy and waited a bit before finally following them under the shade of the tree. “ Here have an apple to restore your energy!” she said putting an apple in front of the worm pokemon, then of course gave on to Lucy as well. As the two were eating she got her Pokedex and pointed it at the worm pokemon.

“Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. Wurmple live primarily off of sap from trees. The suction cups on its feet keep it from slipping.”

“So you’re a Wurmple!”

“Wurmple!” the pokemon cried as it was munching on the apple.

After that Lily searched her bag for a tiny box. “ Here it is!” she said getting the box out of a pocket. It was a mini first aid kit she always carried around in case of anything. She saw that Wurmple had some scratches around its back so Lily got some bandages from the box and carefully put them on Wurmples wounds. “ There all patched up!”

Lucy cried pointing at Lily’s arm as she too had a scratch.

“ Oh I nearly forgot……but it seems I’ve run out of bandages.”
Lily said after taking a close look in the aid kit.

“Wurmple!” the bug pokemon cried as it finished its apple. It crawled up onto Lily’s arm near her scratch and started shooting some silk at her arm covering it all over the scratch.

“ A poke made bandage. Aren’t you smart!”
she said and patted the worm as a thank you. But after the girl gave her thanks the worm jumped from her arm and into the lush grass and was looking straight at Lily with a serious look. “Um I don’t think you should battle in your condition!”

“ Wurm...Wurmple!” the pokemon cried and shoot another String Shot straight onto one of the pokeballs that was fixed onto Lily’s belt. The girl understood what the pokemon wanted to she took a pokeball from her belt and with a swing tossed it at Wurmple. The pokeball hit the bug pokemon on the head then bounced as it opened and absorbed the little critter in it. The pokeball landed in the lush grass shaking from time to time. However Lily and Phanpy weren’t the only ones who were waiting anxiously for the outcome, the little guest from the tree had been watching them the whole time and was more curious than ever.


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