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x1 Ho-Oh EX
4-2-4 Garchomp
x1 Tynamo
x1 Eel
x1 Bouffalant

x4 PlusPower
x3 Catcher
x2 RareCandy
x2 Energy Search
x3 Switch
x2 UltraBall
x2 SuperScoopUp
x2 Juniper
x2 Cheren
x1 Skyarrow Bridge

x2 Prism
x5 Water
x5 Fighting
x3 Lightning
x2 Fire
x2 Dark
x2 Grass
x2 Metal

The main idea of this deck is to "stick and move" with Ho-Oh. First getting it in your discard, then flipping it into your bench fully loaded with 3 energies, then adding another energy for extra damage, and hopefully using eel to add even more. Once Ho-Oh is on the field, using Super Scoop would give a chance to bring it back to your hand, so you can use an Ultra Ball or Juniper to send it back to discard and do it all over again. Garchomp is there to not only hold off as much pokemon as possible, but also get Ho-Oh in the discard with Dragonblade.

Cons: If Ho-Oh is prized, this strategy is solely based on coin flip, decking out is much quicker, and benching out is easier.
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