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Malik was parading around the boat with Cersei and Venom flying over head and Fin walking beside him. He felt a certain since of pride with his team with him. His parents definitley would've been proud...Anyways, he continued to the restraunt and ordered a massive plate of french fries and split them between his pokemon. Cersei only ate a handful, Venom ate two handfuls, and Fin ate whatever the other half that Malik didn't eat.

When they were all gone, the trainer leaned back in his seat and sighed. "That was refreshing. Now let's go battle some more." He left and went to the battle floor. A black belt approached him, 'Hey, squirt. Battle me.' "Alright. Go Cersei!" He tossed out the pokeball to reveal the Swablue. "Swa. Swa." It began to fly in cirlces. The black belt sent out a Mankey. 'Let's do this!' They took their positions on the rock battle field and took fighting stances.