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    Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
    New eeveelutions
    They could add a steel type eeveelution or even a ghost type which you get by using a Dusk Stone.
    Won't happen.
    They made Eevee evolve with happiness at different times of day, instead of the obvious Moon and Sun stones.
    They made Eevee evolve at Moss Rock instead of using the Leaf Stone.
    Every single Trade evolution that was added later, also requires an item that was not available before.
    All the babies after gen II need their parents to hold Incenses to hatch from their eggs.
    Not a single evolution stone has been used for old pokemon unless it was introduced in the generation when the evolution was added.
    Instead of evolving via simple level-up, a handful of pokemon were given attacks as triggers, which they didn't learn before, and even had an explanation of "different conditions causing changes to the movesets in Sinnoh" unlocking these.

    So in short: if there was another eeveelution, it would evolve 100% with a completely new method.