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Mako Reese
Oreburgh City - "The Walking Dead"

"Hey, kid," Kraus said. "It's those girls from before." Mako didn't even look, he seemed like a dead man walking; after all, he'd just found out that he'd apparently killed a man. He couldn't exactly see himself kill Kalvin, but he felt it. He felt the hoe break through Kalvin's chest, he felt the blood splatter on his face, he felt the satisfaction of bringing down that slave driver; and yet, he felt worse than he'd ever felt before. Kraus contemplated what to do, he was completely bored with an unconscious Mako, there was no fun to be had and no challenge to be created. Kraus had held out on one piece of information that he remembered from the night Kalvin died- he was the one who caused them both to blackout. He tried to take over Mako's mind and consciousness, but failed and then blacked out. He decided to try the trick he tried that night, and then everything went dark...

In Kraus and Mako's place, Creed appeared. He sniffed to see who was around him. "That scent...Kraus was right, it's got to be them." Creed stretched for a few moments and then started sprinting full tilt towards Lucy, yelling "Lucy-kins, Amy-kins, it's so good to see you two again!"
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