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    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    oh lol you dont understand breeding milksy?
    No wonder you think tentacruel thunder can be legit, when it is NOT officially.
    You're dang right, it's not OFFICIALLY legit. Yet it still doesn't make I couldn't include a Tentracruel knowing Thunder in my hack just because Gamefreak never did so.

    On the other hand, I thought first you were a cool guy but just changed my mind about that a couple of posts ago.

    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    ...Granted, all of that is just me and my limited creativity, and that's not to say there couldn't be a Surfing Onix or Flamethrowing Electebuzz, I just don't see many situations where they would learn those moves (naturally, that is).
    Both sound pretty much legit to me if there was a good reason for them knowing it.

    Like I planned in my previous post, I've been trying to track down the routine for Crystal to load the Move Tutor assembly and found it but unfortunately, I can't simply transfer it to my Silver hack so that option won't do. Anyway, afterwards I tried to find what kind of codes are loaded when pokemon learns a move and succeeded in finding the main -and subcodes for this routine.

    It requires some work but after planning it out, I should be able to make it so that gym leaders work as Move Tutors who teach your pokemon moves they wouldn't learn any other way (through TMs either). For now, I believe Ritch is going to teach your Sandshrew Sharpen, Brady Double-Edge to Sunflora, Arnold nothing at all, Isaac Jump Kick to Pikachu (and possibly Magnitude to Machoke) and Pierce Thunder to Tentacruel.

    If this was any bigger task than what I know it to be though, I wouldn't go for it because I really don't see that much need for such add-on but it shouldn't be too much trouble so for now, I'll try to manage to do that (also once agains, goes for getting deeper in assembly while at it).

    Oh and by the way, Dark Future got almost 30% of all votes during HotQ competition. Impressively good keeping an eye on the fact that most people around here don't want to play pokemon G/S/C hacks because of the "bad graphics". It was not time for it to win yet but perhaps next time will do? Anyway, thanks for everyone who voted and supported it!
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