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Hello! I have made major progress with the costume changes!

Next, the player will be male (as it will aide greatly in many aspects of the game)
However! do not despair, my female fans! (if there are any...) You will have at least 3 female choices to choose from~ of course if you're a guy who wants to play dressed like a girl I shal not judge, and neither will anyone else in the game! (except HAT cultists, they're hate all trainers....)

Finally, I'm working hard to get out an actual Update, so dont worry, eventually (latest being end of September) there will be a playable demo! and as an added bonus, all possible (or at least what i have done) costume changes will be available, as a little beta bonus~, well if I think of anything I'll post here, but as for now, thats it!
(I still need to work on the achievement system...)

Here is the Gold costume you'll get when you complete the in-game event

~My Deviantart - Litharreon Wiki - Litharreon Game Download~

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