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    Ignis & Fulgur
    Outside Children's City

    Hailey: "Very well. I'm called Hailey, and I think this'll work..."

    Hailey glanced briefly at Fulgur, acknowledging his presence.

    Hailey: "This is Arcea, by the way."

    Tim: "I'm Tim."

    Hailey: "We were discussing the purging of Jubilife when some of my friends here and I had a... disagreement. The plan's simple. We head out to Jubilife, staying a good distance outside the city, and we remotely bomb the place until the adults are too afraid to come back. To do this I'm going to need both of you to power yourselves up however you can. It will require great sacrifice, but if you've got the guts to change this world, you already know that doesn't matter."

    Hailey seemed to give Ignis a scrutinizing look.

    Hailey: "...Something tells me you've got exactly the guts I've been searching for. Maybe even a bit more than this tool."

    Tim: "What'll you gain by killing other spirit users, or any kids?"

    Ignis let off a small grin as he studied the group, from what he could make of it, it seems that this girl -Hailey- and boy -Tim- were in a struggle for the ‘leadership’ role. He didn’t mind taking a back seat to them for now, not like his intentions were on track with theirs anyway.

    Fulgur was also studying the group he, however, stopped his sight on the girl introduced as Acrea just as she was giving him an almost tooth-less smile. It sort of creeped him out but he tried not to show that and smiled back. Maybe joining this group wasn’t all bad.

    Fulgur went to speak up but was cut off by Ignis, as usual when they meet a group. Ignis, although hearing Tim’s comments, was focused on Hailey and what she had said.

    Ignis: “Purging Jubilife sounds like it could be fun, not sure if I’ll enjoy the way you’re going about it but I’ll give it a shot. As for ‘powering’ ourselves up, we really have no way to do so. Though you shouldn’t worry to much on that. I sure don’t.

    Ignis grinned a bit more, his evil nature starting to slide out more and more. He looked over at Fulgur, this was the time he’d want his brother’s opinion seeing as how Fulgur was the more intelligent of the two.

    Ignis: “Any concerns Fulgur?

    Fulgur: “Just one. If you are planning on bombing the city from afar, what’s stopping the adults from simple waiting out the attack from inside buildings and such? What makes you sure that they will leave? And not come back at that..

    Although he was speaking to Hailey, he continued to look at Acrea, she interested him more then the other’s. Mostly due to the fact that she hadn’t spoke yet and he couldn’t get a feel for her personality.

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