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The S.S. Libra II, a grand specimen of a vessel. A true testament of luxury and success. With people and Pokemon from all across the newly formed globe, and several areas and resources available, the scenario was perfect. Perfect, that is, for murder.

Yes, something big was bound to happen on this vessel. It could happen at anytime- no, that's wrong. It could only happen at a specific time frame! The ship must be on the high seas, far away from land when the body is found. The victim, perhaps someone important and influential. There are surely people like those aboard this vessel. Or maybe, the victim is seemingly insignificant, but actually has a shady past.

There will surely be one or two main suspects, those with the biggest connection and highest apparent motive. They are certainly not the culprits. The real culprit would stay as far away from suspicion as possible. Perhaps they would falsely claim they had seen a mysterious figure leaving the boat at the previous stop, and cast suspicion on someone not even present. That way they can remain on board with their innocence in tact.

Of course someone has to be the detective, and no one is as qualified as I, Amelia Stone, Ace Detective. With my partner, the highly capable and intelligent femme fatal, Irene Adler, we shall solve the mystery in record time, before the ship docks again, and the perpetrator can make their esca--

"Hello? You even listening?" The waitress rapped the table with her fist. Kathy was written on her name tag. Her voice sounded impatient.

"Oh, uh, yes. Yes I am! What did you say again?" Amelia snapped out of her internal monologue.

"Do you want to order something, or do you just want to stare off into space?" She looked rather annoyed. "I've got other hungry passengers to deal with here."

"Just a Lemonade for now, please."

"Alright. Coming right up. Barely even worth my time." She turned around, not caring about Amelia hearing her last comment.

"I see you're in a bad mood for some reason. How about a Pokemon battle to clear your head?" Amelia suggested, unaware that she was the source of her annoyance.

"Sure kid, why not?" She smirked. "Just try not to cry when you lose."

"We'll see about that! Go, Adler!" She tossed her Poke Ball and a Torchic came out. "This is my first battle with you, so let's see what we can do."

"Torchic!" She chirped enthusiastically, preparing herself for battle.

"Show them what you got, Duke!" Kathy sent out her Pokemon, a cute Lillipup. It looked happy to be out of his ball and started barking cheerfully. "Use Tackle!" The Lillipup yapped in agreement and ran at the Torchic.

"Quick, dodge it!" Amelia called out. Adler tried it's best to jump out of the way, but Duke was faster and the attack hit. "Almost! Adler, use Attract on him."

"Tor!" She twirled around and winked at the Lillipup. You could practically see the hearts in Duke's eyes.

"Hey, snap out of it Duke! Tackle the Torchic!" Kathy ordered, but to no success as he had fallen for Adler's charms.

"Now, while he's distracted, use Ember!" Adler strutted up closer to Duke, then spat fire right in his face.

"Please, just Tackle it already! I'll give you your favorite snack, bacon!" She pleaded with him.

"Pup? Pup!" It was motivation enough for him to snap out of it for a second and run at the Torchic again. This time, however, she dodged the attack with relative ease.

"Now, finish him off with another Ember!" Adler breathed even more fire onto the poor puppy. It was too much for him and he fell over fainted. "Great job, Adler! You rock!" Amelia exclaimed.

Kathy sighed. "Return, Duke." She called him back into his Poke Ball. "Good job, you're stronger than you look, kid. Still annoying though."

"I'll take that as a compliment." She grinned. "Now how about that Lemonade?"