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    Originally Posted by AngelArsenic View Post
    A lot of subtleties here. Question. If you want your main card say a Typholsion to be an Attack Sweeper what would good supporting Pokemon for a fire based deck? I got Cyndaquil and Quilava and will be buying a Typholsion when I get the chance. Also what would be the best Typholsion for an attack sweeper?
    I'd use Typhlosion as your support Pokémon. A rather popular combination from last year's format was Reshiphlosion A.K.A. Tyram. It used Reshiram from Black and White and Typhlosion Prime. Reshiram states that for [F][F][C] you get to do 120 damage to the defending Pokémon at the cost of discarding two Fire energy. This combos very nicely with Typhlosion Prime because Typhlosion's Poké-POWER states that once during your turn, you may attach one Fire energy card from your discard pile to one of your Pokémon but the Pokémon you attach it to gets 10 damage. If you've got two Typhlosion on your bench, you can effectively recharge Reshiram after it used it's attack. It's not a too complicated deck, and it's a good start to playing competitively. Do note however that it isn't tournament legal anymore.
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