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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Geoff Bates and Isla Van Tricht - Route 101 to Oldale Town

    Slateport City, he said. Not nearly as far as Eli went, but it was refreshing to see someone who was close to the sea. "I came out of Fortree," Eli replied. "Kind of covered in trees, but it's easy enough to get around and do what you need to. People're nice, too." As they walked on to Oldale Town, she heard a battle going on nearby. The human in command sounded as energetic as a tournament announcer.

    "'s your chance, Tackle attack!" It was a girl, then the knock of a tree drowned it out.

    "So are you any good at climbing trees?" Geoff asked.

    "It's not much trouble if you have a good handhold."

    "Hey, you hear that?"

    "A battle just finished, right?"

    "Wanna go see?"

    "Fine by me." And so they went to the now-ended battle scene where Isla Van Tricht lay.

    "That was impressive," Geoff noted. "We could hear it from across the grass."

    Isla hadn't noticed that she was being watched, the thought of that made her blush a bit, or maybe it was the pair of young boys watching her and giving her compliments.

    "Thanks. I'm actually new to this whole trainer thing, but I have studied about Pokémon a lot. I hope to become a professor someday."

    "I'm gonna go with my Pokémon and see the world," Geoff continued. "I'm Geoff Bates."

    Eli finished the introductions herself, "I'm Eli. I plan on being a master battler sometime." Who knows? Maybe she'd even become a Burst Warrior.

    "Sounds like the two of you have big dreams. I'm Isla." She gathered her things and walked closer to the pair. She couldn't help but notice that Eli was nearly a foot shorter than Geoff; shorter than herself by a solid inch or two, even.

    "We're heading off to Oldale Town," Eli started again. "You wanna join us?"

    "I'd join you anytime, anywhere." she thought, surprised by her initial reaction. She paused for a moment and just looked at the two boys without saying a word. With what she was just thinking, she couldn't get the words out anyways, she was in shock. Seconds seemed to crawl before she finally spoke up. "I-I...yeah sure, that would be great. I was headed that way anyways," she managed with a nervous giggle.
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