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    I didn't see another thread like this, so here goes.

    I've been wondering if anybody else has noticed that children these days aren't as interested in Pokemon as children were 15 years ago. Though I must admit the video games may still be popular, there aren't many people who still play/trade/collect Pokemon cards anymore. Many kids say they don't even know what Pokemon is. (I don't blame them though; the anime here airs at 6 AM. Who is awake or at home during that time anyway? They should air it in the Afternoon instead...) Anyway, don't get me started on the manga. From what I've experienced, I see more teenagers (13+) who are into anime/manga in general reading the Pokemon manga/watching the Pokemon anime. I even see people with Pikachu/Pokemon themed backpacks/t-shirts/games in high school.

    So I'm just curious if anybody else has noticed this. Do you really think the Pokemon anime should still be exclusively for younger audiences? Do you think Pokemon is more popular among kids now or young adults who watched it since it was released when they were kids? Do you think the anime determines whether younger audiences play the games?