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Originally Posted by Projectwolfie View Post
Don't change your save file. You're not dealing with just two different versions of the same game, you're dealing with two different games. If you're going to play a different version of this, start from scratch or you'll mess it up completely.
Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

Um... I explained this 3 posts before your... why people just don't read at least last page...
It's because both versions have different Pokémon on the same ROM space.
You must start the game anew.
Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Just like the fact that the dex entries also change when you play a different version.. that is why Weezing replaced Shaymin.. Not to worry... You will also need relicanth to be replaced with Alomomola for the unlocking of legendaries trio
Thx guys for reply,
well, looks like i can't convert the save game.
so..i need to start a new game with main version!, i like this rom hack cause it got pokemon animations when i look at the summary menu, its move!, and i can see the item in the bag, so its cool...XD
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