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    Having killed the two Spinaraks wrapped them in a shirt and packed them in his bag. He would save them for later when he could do with the food. He moved over to his Cubchoo, that was still struggling with the sticky thread, and cut her loose.

    “Come on! I'm not spending all day looking after you!” He said marching off down the track. As the track wound on he was lead toward a river, which he would have to cross to continue onwards. Maybe he should back track it looked like he would have to wade through the water to get across. It was a shame there wasn't a log or something he could climb across. He looked up and down the bank on both sides of the river the easiest path was upstream, where the brush was less dense and the ground was firmer. Alex waited for Cubchoo to catch him again before starting on his trek upstream. Some few hundred yards on he stopped dead. There lapping water from the river was a small yellow Pokemon. He recognised it, a Pikachu. Weren't they meant to be rare. He squatted down and pulled his bag off his back so that he could examine his Pokedex. The Pikachu was up wind of him so it hadn't caught his scent and ran yet, it just stood there drinking the water occasionally looking up and checking for signs of danger. Alex pointed the device at the Pikachu and opened it, causing it to buzz to life.

    “Pikachu! The electric...” The Pokedex began to call loudly, in it's mechanical voice, alerting the Pokemon. It looked up startled as Alex tried to shut the sound off on the device, swearing all the time. He managed it but it was too late, it had spotted him and bolted into the undergrowth on the other side of the river. Alex had found out what he had hoped to, there on the screen it read “Rarity: Rare.”

    “Come on!” He yelled grabbing Cubchoo so he wouldn't have to wait for her. Alex was not going to let that Pokemon get away, if he caught it he would sell it at the next camp he reached. After all he had all these Pokeballs why not put them to good use. He dashed across the stream getting his boots wet though no water got in them and followed the small Pokemon. As he ran Cubchoo sat perched atop Alex's bag holding onto the handle with all the might her little arms could muster.

    “Choo! Choo!” Cubchoo yelled as Alex sprinted through the woodlands following the yellow blur as it darted through the bushes and between trees. Slow down! I'm going to fall off!

    “Good to hear you having fun!” Alex shouted back to his Pokemon, completely oblivious to what it was actually saying, as he vaulted over a log that the Pikachu had just dived under. “I need you in good spirits to fight this thing in a moment so you had better be ready!” The Pikachu was tiring and would soon have to come to a decision. Would it try to flee or stop and save it's energy to fight. That said so was Alex, his fitness wasn't as great as it had been a good few years ago when he was in his prime. He was getting breathless and his limbs were beginning to feel heavy as though there were lead weights around his wrists and ankles. But still he pressed on with the pursuit, he almost fell a couple of times on the rough root covered ground but managed to stay on his feet somehow. The Pikachu slowed and jumped into the air, bouncing off a tree and landing on all fours facing Alex.

    “Pika!” It yelled adopting a crouching position, the hairs on it's back standing on end and it's tail held high in the air. “Chu!” It unleashed a Thundershock attack at Alex. It hit him hard, stunning him and knocking him back. It hurt a lot but not so much that he wouldn't be able to take action. If it weren't for the fact that he hit his head on a tree on the way down he would have got right on in there.

    As the Thundershock struck Alex Cubchoo jumped from his shoulder landing with a rather awkward bump on the floor. She looked round at her trainer but he was out of it. A little unsure of what to do she looked back toward the Pikachu. It was facing her down with a rather angry look upon it's face.

    “Pika!” It cried. It was very irate at having being chased through the forest and all for just trying to get a drink. Though it was shorter than Cubchoo it didn't mean it was any less strong than her. “Chu!” It growled at Cubchoo preparing for another Thundershock. Looking once more at her trainer Cubchoo decided that regardless of how mean Alex had been to her she had to defend him now. If she did a good job of it she could even win his trust a little. The Thundershock hit Cubchoo while she was still unprepared, it hurt her a little but not too badly. She retaliated with her own Icy Wind attack. With a snuffle she blew a blast of cold air at the Pikachu. A shiver went down the Pikachu's spine as the freezing breath hit it but it was still prepared to fight. It unleashed it's strongest Thundershock yet a blast of energy that threw Cubchoo to the ground bear Alex. The Pikachu stood panting and looking at them.


    Alex was stood in a field of waist deep grass. The wind was blowing a gale around him tearing away at the long grass all around. In front of his was a Pokemon, a Sandshrew. He knew the Pokemon well it was Sandy it was his first Pokemon. Standing opposite Sandy was a Rattata. In his hand was a Pokeball ready to make his first catch.

    “Sandy go! Sand Attack!” Alex ordered his Pokemon, his voice sounding much younger that it had done the last time he had heard it. Sandy rushed forwards and with a swipe of her claw sprayed sand at the Rattata. Though it was blinded the Rattata charged Sandy with a headlong Tackle. The wild attack missed Sandy by a narrow margin.

    “Hit it with a Scratch Attack!” Alex shouted ecclesiastically, feeling a sense of joy and excitement he hadn't felt for such a long time. As Sandy prepared to attack with her sharp claws the Rattata dived in with a Quick Attack. Sandy was knocked back but managed to land a hit on the Rattata.

    “Sandy!” Alex gasped as his Pokemon fell to the floor.


    “Sandy.” Alex groaned as he was still unconscious. Cubchoo hearing the sound pushed herself to her feet. It wasn't her name her trainer had called but he needed her now and she was going to do her best. She inhaled her mucus and took a deep breath simultaneously.

    “Choo!” She cried as she released her Icy Wind attack. The attack hit the Pikachu head on it had underestimated Cubchoo's resolve and as such wasn't prepared for the attack.

    “Pika!” It cried as it shook snow and ice from it's fur. It dashed forwards and whipped Cubchoo twice with it's tail.

    “Cub!” Cubchoo took in another breath, readying herself for another attack. “Choo!” She blasted another Icy Wind at the Pikachu.


    Sandy got back to her feet, rather slowly and shaking rather a lot.

    “It's all right Sandy! That's enough!” Alex called taking the Pokeball in hand ready to throw. Sandy wasn't listening to him she charged forwards at the Rattata. She hit it with a Scratch while it countered with a tackle. Sandy fell to the floor once again. Alex was about to yell but he felt his head spin. For a moment his eye lids flickered and the grass land was replaced with a dense woodland. Sandy was replaced with a blue blob and the Rattata a yellow blob. His vision wavered and he was back again he lined up his Pokeball to throw it already knowing how it would end. The Rattata would break out of the ball. But wait why was he laying on the ground in such an awkward position to throw. His eye lids flickered again and he was back to the forest, focusing on the yellow blob he aimed the Pokeball. When he threw it he was throwing it at the Rattata. It hit the Pokemon and absorbed it. Then the ball sat closed on the ground and began to shake.
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