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Originally Posted by Fafiq View Post
Wooah, Don't have Chansey in my Dex, I could gladly train it for my future Competitive Team :D

Also got 2 questions:

1st do you give those Dittos for breeding for free? Are they flawless RNG or just caught?

And how many EV trained Pokes would I have to train for you to get a Legendary Poke from Trade section? Lugia/Ho-Oh/Zapdos/etc?
Yeah I have not put up the Dittos as yet but they are either Jolly or Adamant and they are RNGed Flawless, They are free yes.

Well I don't usually give the legends for EV training services as they took time to not only capture but also ID abuse for them.

Do you want a Ditto and Chansey?
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