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I've been really busy, but in my free time I've been able to grind my entire team to level 60 to defeat Red. Just a few minutes ago, I finally defeated him! I didn't have any trouble with Pickachu or Venusaur, and to defeat Charizard I had to use Parasects Spore + Quick Claw combo to put it to sleep then defeat it. Otherwise, it would've swept my team with Flamethrower. Next was Snorlax, whose bulk made it really difficult to defeat. Once again, I had to rely on Parasect using Spore to keep it from healing by using rest before finally being able to slowly whittle down its HP. Blastoise was fairly easy, but did put up a bit of a fight with Blizzard. Espeon wasn't too difficult to defeat either, though it's Reflect did bug me. Final team:

Meganium / Lv60 / Body Slam, Earthquake, Razor Leaf, Iron Tail
Gloom / Lv60 / SolarBeam, Cut, Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb
Bellossom / Lv60 / Giga Drain, Acid, Toxic, Solarbeam
Parasect / Lv60 / Slash, Dig, Spore, Giga Drain
Exeggutor / Lv60 / Strength, Solarbeam, Rollout, Psychic

MVP would have to be Parasect; without it I wouldn't have been able to defeat Red's Charizard or Snorlax. LVP would have to be Bellossom, as it just wasn't very useful and didn't have very good moves because I misread it's move set on Veekun (I evolved it early thinking it would learn Petal Dance).

Next I will move on to Sapphire! I'm really excited to use a bunch of the Grass tpes offered in Hoenn.

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