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    I made a comment regarding "competitve battling" in one of Nica's blogs, and she told me to post this here. Edited it and took out some comments to make it more relevant to CBC as a whole and to get my point across.

    Especially here in PC, where the competitive community isn't really competitive and the userbase are mostly children who don't buy the games for what I said above. I'm not saying it has to be full of trash talk and jerks, but PC lacks something very important - Strive for winning. The term competitive comes from competition, and PC just wants to have fun. This is why I don't feel like Competitive Battling Community is a good name for a section about battling, metagame or not, since most people who play do play it more casually rather than competitively. Calling anyone who plays the metagame a competitive player is pretty inaccurate.

    Changing CBC to a section that's about the metagame or battling as a whole rather than competition is probably the best way to go. As of now people are intimidated not by the community but by their vision of the competitive aspect, because people do believe that the metagame is too hard for their own good. Making the section about general battling instead of the competitive aspect (which Pokemon honestly doesn't have that much of) will make people realize the community here isn't really really hungry for competition, and rather a community that just has enjoy the metagame and don't want to prioritize winning over having fun. If people believe that Pokemon doesn't have that much competition and the metagame can be fun to mess around with then they can and will give it a look, because understanding the mechanism of their favorite games is something I'm sure they'd be interested in doing.
    Wolf mentioned this in another blog recently; removing the "competitive" in Competitive Battling Center and making the whole section about battling regardless of the metagame and playing it competitively or casually might also be the way to go. Maybe have a sub-forum purely for the metagame, even.

    Just what I feel about it. I don't want to come back, but I definitely wouldn't mind helping the section if I can.

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