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Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,Hg,SS
Yes. I loved this feature. I think it should be set so the player can disable it if they want.
Berry Trees Back
I'm indifferent. It would be nice, I guess. Sites berries are useful in game.
New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
No. Rotation and Triple weren't even needed. Single and double are fine..
Multiple Regions
I'm indifferent. It might be cool but it's not needed.
Battle Frontier return
New Starter types
NO! Dual types are fine, but deviating from Fire/Water/Grass seems horrid.
Dark type Gym Leader
... Sure?
Tournament instead of elite four
No. Maybe if they do add an additional region after the main one, it would be cool to have a tournament.
Return of team rocket
New eeveelutions
Yes. It makes no sense that there isn't an eeveelution of every type.
New storyline
Yes please. I'm not 10 and very few Pokemon players are. They should be older and have a more complex journey. I also think romance would be a neat twist, but nothing that would dominate the game or anything.