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    "That was close, buddy." Forrest looked at Sasuke, who nodded. 'Treeko, Tree.' The pair had run deep into the forest with incredible speed after that Slugma had torched their...peep perch. They began to laugh. Forrest hadn't done that in a while. "Return, buddy. You deserve a break." The gecko disappeared into a pokeball, and in turn, Benedict came out instead. "You're gonna help me, and you will NOT attack ME. You WILL attack OTHER pokemon." It reluctantly nodded yet again.

    The Zigzagoon trotted alongside his trainer, looking adorable as usual. The pair was soon assaulted by a shrill noise. 'SEEEEE!'. A Seedot came falling from the trees and hit Benedict on the head. Forrest jumped back in surprise. "Benedict, use Tackle!" 'ZIG!' His battle call rang out through the trees as he ran into the Seedot at a high speed. 'See! Dot!' It cried in pain and shot a vine that attached to Benedict, it was using Leech Seed. "Keep using Tackle buddy!" It repeatedly pushed the Seedot forwards until it finally hit a tree. It glowed with white energy and slammed into the Zigzagoon with Bide, knocking him back a good distance. "Oh no! Benedict!" He ran over to his fuzzy buddy and fed him a couple of the Oran Berries. It stood up with renewed energy. 'Zig!' "Tackle!" Benedict slammed into the Seedot one last time before Forrest called out to the Zigzagoon, "Stop!" He retreated as Forrest through a pokeball at the Seedot, and watched it disappear with a red flash.
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