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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Dating at a young age means that you learn from a young age how to compromise with a person, how to take someone else's opinion into consideration when you decide what to do/how to do things, how to handle arguments in a way that won't break a relationship. You learn what personal quirks you have in a relationship (if you're jealous, clingy, etc), and see other peoples' reactions to them.

    I feel that people that think "young kids should never date" still have some maturing to do of their own, as they're very strongly in the judgmental state of their lives and need to mature to a point where they no longer judge everyone they see based on their own values.
    I would say this post is exactly what my feelings are. The important thing to remember is that everyone is different when it comes to these things. I started dating at a young age, and I would say the experience positively effected me. I became more confident, and when you're that close to a person, you actually find out more about yourself as a person and what type of person you're more likely to get along with. However, for some people they really aren't ready and they rush in without thinking of the consequences and suddenly a kid is involved, but they've both split up or the father is taking drugs and whatever else. It can escalate very quickly and these things can be a vicious cycle too.

    From a purely personal point of view, I knew I was ready and I don't regret starting relatively early. As long as you're reasonably sensible and you're able to talk openly about your feelings, and your partner is similar then I don't see a problem. I guess viewpoints are influenced by your culture, family surrounding, geographical area, etc which is why we all vary the points that we're ready to date.
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