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    Name- Samuel Grey

    Age- 18

    Gender- M

    Description- Fairly average looking. 5'7", so just a hair on the short side, and 145 lbs. Lean build, skinny but athletic. Jet black hair cropped neatly medium-short. His only really distinctive feature is his bright green eyes, with a ring around the iris of a rusty-gold color, but his eyes are always hidden behind glasses, since he is basically blind without them.

    Personality- Sam is a pretty typical teenage guy. He mostly spends his time slacking off and avoiding work, and is a bit of a nerd. He is brilliant when he puts forth effort (which admittedly isn't often), and is clever enough to find loopholes and get around rules as well as talk/think his way out of bad situations.

    Team Magma

    Pokemon- Pidgey

    From- Viridian City

    History- Grew up in Viridian City and had a pretty normal life there. Always slacked off and just barely got by in the trainer school, which aggravated his parents, who then in turn aggravated him. He was perfectly happy coasting through school until he heard about the Steam Academy. This got him thinking about his future, and how if he couldn't get in to the academy, he would have to... work. Sam immediately picked up the slack in training and just barely made the cut and received his letter.

    Other- Don't mean to be obnoxious, but it's been getting at me. Heretostay123, 5'10" 100lbs is ridiculously skinny. You said he has a muscular build, so maybe 180-ish lbs?
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