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    Originally Posted by dani_tk View Post
    hi again! my emboar keeps trying to evolve to scolipede! is there anyway i can fix this bug? or it can't be fixed? this kind of disappointed me about the game so I stopped playing... but it's a good game nevertheless!
    Hand it an Everstone, I'm afraid...

    This is the kind of thing that happens when a Pokémon gets hacked into a game like Emboar into anything before Gen. V. I'm curious which Pokémon's data it happens to be replacing, because whoever it is, it is at its standard level-up point. What level did it start "evolving" at?

    I might download this and take a peek at it in AdvanceMap. If it's not locked. Maybe I can answer this question myself.

    EDIT: Found the answer. It has replaced Pokémon #266 (in fact, 261-269 are the Gen. V starters and evolutions). Silcoon happened to be #266. Scolipede has been hacked into entry #15 (formerly Beedrill). There is some evolution link created in your version of the hack between these two. The question is whether it is corrected in the newest version.

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