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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    I made a comment regarding "competitve battling" in one of Nica's blogs, and she told me to post this here. Edited it and took out some comments to make it more relevant to CBC as a whole and to get my point across.

    Wolf mentioned this in another blog recently; removing the "competitive" in Competitive Battling Center and making the whole section about battling regardless of the metagame and playing it competitively or casually might also be the way to go. Maybe have a sub-forum purely for the metagame, even.

    Just what I feel about it. I don't want to come back, but I definitely wouldn't mind helping the section if I can.

    probably hypocritical to quote this post seeing as to how I've quit or at least gone on a long break until I have the free time and drive to play again, but this is exactly right. No one has really shown any motive to actually practice, get better, actively ladder, sign up for smogon tutoring etc, to try and enhance your skills so that youre a more valuable asset to the competitive section and dont remain stagnant. obviously we want to have fun but it would be better if we all motivated each other to get better so there was a higher level of competition