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    Originally Posted by xxtkghostxx View Post
    i was wondering if i could trade for the space c deoxys for a wishmkr jirachi i can spawn as many as i can i have the disk that lets me up load it to my ruby and i also wanted to know what nature it was
    I already have many WISHMKR Jirachis. However, if you have a legal shiny Jirachi that is from that disc of yours I'd be VERY interested in that. I'd put it in my Trophy Case and make it NFT lol.

    If you could do that for me I'll offer you 5 more events. If it has a beneficial nature (since it'll prolly be a pain to "SR" for), I'll give you 10.

    @ LeSquirtle12: Sure I'll take the shiny Eevee for my AURA Mew. You can trade on Gen 5 right?

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