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Originally Posted by Belltrix View Post
Hey guys, I'm hoping to go to regionals this year and this is the deck I built;

Throh x1
Arcanine x3
Growlithe x4
Cilan x2
Mienshao x2
Meinfoo x2
Larvesta x4
Volcarona x2
Excadrill x1
Drilbur x2
Riolu x3
Lucario x1
Chansey x2
Blissey x1
Terrakion EX x1
Entei EX X1
Sawk x1
Cheren x3
Pokemon Communication x4
Skyarrow Bridge x1
Fire Energy Basic x12
Fighting EEnergy Basic x7

The main point of this deck is to burn them out. Using Arcanine to burn them and Volcarona to do double damage with burns. Excadrill will do damage to the bench along with the other card. What do you guys think?
I'd do something like this:

Arcanine x4
Growlithe x4
Larvesta x4
Volcarona (DEX) x4
Emolga (DRX) x3

Cheren x3
Juniper x4
N x4
Random Receiver x2
Heavy Ball x3
Pokémon Catcher x3
Super Rod x2
Tool Scrapper x3
Switch x2

Fire Energy Basic x12
Double Colourless Energy x2

I've thickened your Pokémon lines for maximum consistency and added 3 Emolga DRX. Emolga is a great starter Pokémon because you can easily get some basic Pokémon on your bench which is great in modified. I've removed the Fighting type Pokémon and Entei EX and added some more Trainer cards. 4 N and 4 Juniper alongside 3 Cheren provides good draw support while Random Receiver gets you those supporters more easily. Tool Scrapper is very useful against Garbodor which otherwise shuts down Burning Scales and the strategy of your deck. Switch is useful to prevent being locked with a Volcarona without energy in the active position, Heavy Ball let's you search your Pokémon with a high retreat cost (every Pokémon but Emolga) with no disadvantages. Double Colourless Energy allows you to attack with Volcarona faster.
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