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Originally Posted by HaxingBH View Post
Walls, I hate how super effective moves can sometimes do only 20%. Regenerator, shell smash, chlorophyll, the amount of people who switch ferrothorn into a latios and the amount of people who switch gliscor into a rotom wash makes me go WTF!

Still, it's a good tier because I'm Batman.
Well that can apply to any tier, or any bulky Pokemon, so that isn't something specific to OU @ first point, so is that just a deterrent from competitive for you? As for the second point, all three of those abilities are found on NU Pokemon (same for the other tiers but idk to what extent).

As for the last part... Ferro switching into Latios isn't that bad, depending on what Latios has, I guess. If you had a dragon type you'd expect dpulse and switch into Ferro to help with that and get LO damage on Latios (if it has LO), and if it doesn't have HP Fire iirc the rest of its attacks can't do much to Ferro and it could set up SR or Leech Seed it. As for the last, idk, it isn't that crazy when you consider that HPump doesn't have that much PP in the first place and that Sand Veil can be nice for it. Buuut... in general I guess they could be predicting a switch? :(

Either way, for the thread itself, I agree with dragonomega. Personally while I'd like to get back into OU, just thinking about the amount of weather there just makes me like... "yeah nope". Just the basic, or any rain team in general is boring to face. Sun isn't that bad, I like Sun and if there was only Sun and Sand I'd play OU, BUT UNFORTUNATELY Politoed exists, and it is #1 in usage, therefore Rain is plentiful. I'm just kinda sick of the Pokemon too. I just... don't really like to use those Pokemon that much.

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