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    Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
    I'd do something like this:

    Arcanine x4
    Growlithe x4
    Larvesta x4
    Volcarona (DEX) x4
    Emolga (DRX) x3

    Cheren x3
    Juniper x4
    N x4
    Random Receiver x2
    Heavy Ball x3
    Pokémon Catcher x3
    Super Rod x2
    Tool Scrapper x3
    Switch x2

    Fire Energy Basic x12
    Double Colourless Energy x2

    I've thickened your Pokémon lines for maximum consistency and added 3 Emolga DRX. Emolga is a great starter Pokémon because you can easily get some basic Pokémon on your bench which is great in modified. I've removed the Fighting type Pokémon and Entei EX and added some more Trainer cards. 4 N and 4 Juniper alongside 3 Cheren provides good draw support while Random Receiver gets you those supporters more easily. Tool Scrapper is very useful against Garbodor which otherwise shuts down Burning Scales and the strategy of your deck. Switch is useful to prevent being locked with a Volcarona without energy in the active position, Heavy Ball let's you search your Pokémon with a high retreat cost (every Pokémon but Emolga) with no disadvantages. Double Colourless Energy allows you to attack with Volcarona faster.

    The first thing I see, that I thought of as "meh" was the 4 N. I don't want to give my opponent the opportunity to draw a new hand and possibly get somthing that can screw me over. I will not be playing in modified. This years Regional Tournament plays from Black & White on up. So HG/SS will not be a legal play set. Would the list you gave me still be in effect? Cause I have every card from the Dark Explorers and I'm starting my Dragons Exalted collection and unless tool scrapper is in there I cannot play it. I agree with the Juniper however I dissagree with the taking out of the fighting pokemon cause the double burn + the bench damage = (to me at least) an easy win. Doing 30 damage to a bench pokemon alongside volcarona doing it's "double burn". Now that you know that this will be only Black & White on up what do you say about the list and modifications?
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