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Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
Please correct me if I am wrong, but Pokemon Showdown is browser based, isn't it? I tried it out (yes, I consider opening the website then clicking the "teambuilder" button and leaving as trying it out, don't judge me) yesterday and was pretty disappointed. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be, basing from the previous comments I've read. And the fact that it is browser-based doesn't make it any better either. While yes, you needn't download anything but it can slow down your browser. Never a good thing for me. ):

I'm still in cahoots with Pokemon Online. I've been with it ever since it was just up for testing until I left the competitive scene.

(BTW, Pokemon Lab is sort of the Gen 5 successor of Shoddy. I think the Smogon community made it. Not sure if it was released, however.)

The teambuilder is nice, though. PO didn't actually give us a click autofill type thing, nor viable moves, nor did it give us recommended EVs/natures, which is a pretty useful thing in comparison. PO had none of that and it meant you had to look up everything you didn't know off by heart. :(


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