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Lenora because holy crap superpowered second gym I haven't seen this since Misty's Starmie.
I even had a (traded) Mienfoo to deal with it.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
At times, the advice can be questionable at best. For instance, if you go to Goldenrod City in the course of SoulSilver, you find advice to get a Fighting type to combat the Normal Pokémon.

...the catch is that the first Fighting type isn't found until you get to Mt. Mortar east of Ecruteak City. To get there, it's necessary to take out the Sudowoodo from the three-way fork. To do that, you need the Squirt Bottle. To get that, you must beat the Goldenrod Gym.

Au contraire. I ended up taking my Geodude to go to town on Whitney.

You can trade Drowzee (from Routes 34 & 35) for a Machop in Goldenrod.
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