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    Charlie Fitzpatrick
    Oak Town -> Academy Grounds

    The silver Mercedes moved at such speed, that it got from Charlie's beach house to the parking lot of the Academy in just a matter of minutes. Once it came to a stop, the doors opened and Charlie, dressed in a hawaiian shirt and shorts, came out of it. It was then that he realised that he forgot to change his clothes into a more...formal outfit. And the Mercedes was already parked, and Charlie did not want to drive all teh way back to his house, because somebody else might end up taking that spot. He took out a Pokéball and smirked.

    "It's so good to have Pokémon." he said, "Moondra, come out!"

    He sent out his Flygon, who smiled at him and glomped him.

    "Hey, easy there." he said, "I need you to fly me back to my place, Moondra. Can you?"

    The Flygon nodded, and let Charlie get on her back. She then took of and flew over Oak Island at a great speed. Not before long Charlie told her to land at his deck, and she did. He told her to wait there for a second and went inside his house. Berta was busy cleaning the toilet in one of the guest rooms so she didn't see or hear him come in. Anyway, Charlie went up the stairs that led to his room, and went inside. After a short while he was walking down the stairs, sporting black pinstripe dress pants, a dark purple shirt, black polished dress shoes and a black pinstripe coat that matched his pants. He walked back to the deck, got on Moondra, and told her to fly back to the Academy.

    Once again, he arrived there in a matter of minutes because of the Flygon's great speed. After she landed, Charlie sent her back inside her Pokéball and walked over to his silver Mercedes. He used his hands to make his hair look better, and once it was done, he proceeded to walk inside the Academy building.

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