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    I still think having separate patches of identifiable dark sand (see Unova Route 4) is a better practice if you want sand wild encounters along the main path early on. That way a player can deke around them. After all, as you noted, it's a long way to Cinnabar Island and there's no way for us to identify which sand tiles are the ones that are going to pop out Pokémon at us. I noticed another type of sand tile along the way, and even having one type (that one) allow for encounters and the one on the main path not to works well. However, it seems to be random.

    I'm surprised that you consider the mission for a package for Oak to be optional. I'd think it a mandatory element to get a Pokédex. Doesn't Oak give out items for levels of Pokédex completion?

    If Mama Psyduck was intended, I'm relieved; I thought this was a bug.

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