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Chapter 3

Cmon, Mane! Ash shouted. Any more tricks up your sleeve?

So far, Ash and Black Jack knocked out three out of the six pokemon that Mane was using, while Mane defeated three of the heroes combination of twelve. Ash had his Charizard on the field while Black Jack had Salamence.

I wouldnt call them tricks, Mane replied. But this pokemon may surprise you. Go! Pokeball!

He chucked out another pokeball and out popped the legendary silver bird pokemon Lugia!

No! Ash thought. Not Lugia as well.

Pika! Pikachu gasped.

Another tough pokemon, Black Jack thought. A tough pokemon controlled by an F graded trainer.

Beautiful, isnt it? Mane said.

How did you capture it? Ash demanded. I hope its not from the Orange islands.

Im sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Ketchum, but it is. But dont worry, I was well aware of this prophecy and I heard that you were involved in it. Arent you going to say hello to your friend?

Ash looked at Lugia worryingly, but he also felt angry at the fact that Mane knew some things about him. Does that mean that Mane has Ashs trainer skills as data?

Black Jack didnt looked half surprised. It would be obvious to him that Mane does have data of his trainer skills due to the fact that he used to work for Team Rocket, which was changed to Team Missile.

Cmon, Mane! Black Jack said. Show us your worst!

As long as you have your overconfidence, Black Jack, Mane said. Youre your own worst enemy. Lugia! Aeroblast!

Lugia flew high in the air and shot out a bright yellow beam at Salamence and Charizard, but they managed to dodge the attack. The blast hit the floor, causing an explosion that knocked Black Jack off his feet and fell hard to the floor.

Charizard, Salamence, Ash and Pikachu saw what happened and looked at Black Jack with concern. Black Jack! Ash cried. Are you okay?

Im fine! Black Jack replied as he quickly got back up. But if I did get hit, I wouldve been knocked out!

He angrily looked at Mane, getting the feeling that Mane wanted Lugia to attack him on purpose. What? Mane asked as he shrugged. It was an accident.

Salamence, attack! Black Jack yelled. Hyper Beam!

Salamence felt the anger within Black Jack, which made him angry as well. He gathered up his energy and blasted a huge white beam at Lugia

Meanwhile, somewhere inside the base, Jesse, James and Meowth were walking around corridors looking for the door that will lead them to find rare pokemon. Somehow, they noticed that everything around them looked exactly the same.

Not only did they steal the Team Rocket base look, they copied the colour of the inside our base! Jesse growled.

Well, da people around here arent decorators, Meowth said.

Were not expert ourselves, yknow, James continued.

A Wobbuffet popped out of nowhere. Wobba Wobbuffet!

They found a door and opened it using the security card. They entered a room where there were a lot monitors viewing different rooms. There was also a computer. One of them showed Black Jack and Ash battling Mane with pokemon. The other showed legendary pokemon stuck in their cells in another room. Two other monitors showed a woman and a child stuck in their cells but in different rooms.

Interesting, Jesse said. James, try to look for the code that will break the pokemon out of their cells.

At lightning speed, James replied as he immediately sat at the computer and started typing on the keyboard.

Meowth, make sure that the cameras have changed views.

Im on it!

Meowth ran over to the monitors to switch control of the cameras.

Back at the battle

Salamence shot out his Hyper Beam attack, but Lugia barely dodged the attack. Charizard shot his flamethrower but that missed as well.

Both pokemon kept on shooting their attacks, but Lugia dodged each and everyone of them. This is getting a little bit boring, Mane said after he yawned. Lugia, blow Charizard away with your Hyper Beam attack.

Lugia charged up his powers as a small bright yellow began to form in his mouth. He then shot out a huge beam and it was coming for Charizard. But Salamence saw it coming and flew to protect Charizard from harm, getting caught in the beam himself.

Salamence! No! Black Jack cried as the attack exploded upon impact on the blue dragon. Salamence fell while growling softly, which meant, Jack, I believe in you.

Salamence became unconscious when he crashed to the floor. Charizard flew back to the ground and landed safely on his feet to check on his friend and rival. How splendid, two arch-rivals have now become best of friends, Mane said.

Unlike you, we have friends, Ash replied.

Salamence, return! Black Jack said as he held out a pokeball. Salamence returned back to his pokeball and Black Jack took out another. Metagross! Its your turn!

Black Jack tossed out another pokeball and Metagroos popped out, yelling out his battle cry.

A pokemon that cant fly? Mane criticised. Looks like Charizard is battling alone on this occasion.

Huh! Black Jack replied with a smile. Why use one hyper beam attack at a time when you could use two? Metagross! Show them your Hyper Beam attack!

Metagross aimed his eyes at Lugia and shot out two huge energy beams out of his eyes. But Lugia dodged out of the way.

Charizard! Ash cried. Tackle attack!

Charizard flew directly at Lugia and tackled him in the midsection. Lugia retaliated by knocking Charizard down with its Wing attack. But Charizard recovered and countered back with his Flamethrower attack.

Lugia screamed as he felt the scorching pain on his weakened midsection.

Metagross! While hes distracted, Black Jack yelled. Hyper Beam attack!

Metagross aimed his eyes at Lugia again and blasted out his Hyper Beams again. This time, the move did make contact and caused another explosion on impact. Lugia unconsciously fell to the floor.

Im sorry, Lugia Ash whispered in a sad tone.

Thank you said a mysterious voice.

Ash was surprised at that point, but he finally figured out that it was Lugia talking to him in spirit.

No! Mane cried. Not my beloved Lugia as well!

Four down, two to go, Ash said with a smile.

Dont get too cocky, Ketchum, Black Jack warned. Manes using the legendary pokemon in this battle.

Right, I almost forgot, Mane said sarcastically. Say hello to Rayquaza! Its time, Rayquaza!

Mane tossed out another pokeball. Rayquaza popped out and gave a loud roar.

This isnt good, Ash thought.

Charizard! Ash yelled. Flamethrower!

Metagross! Black Jack yelled. Psybeam attack!

Both pokemon repeatedly shot out their attacks, but Rayquaza easily dodged each one of them.

Hold still, you giant worm! Black Jack snarled.

Dont them anger you, Black Jack, Ash said with a smile. Black Jack smiled back at him, remembering that he said that earlier. Ash was now giving him some lectures.

Charizard! Ash yelled. Mega Punch attack!

Charizard flew directly towards Rayquaza, aiming his clenched paw at its face. Rayquaza! Mane shouted. Slash attack!

The green dragons claws were coming down on Charizard but he dodged the attack as he punched Raquaza in face, flying passed him.

Metagross, Psybeam attack! Black Jack yelled. Metagross wasted no time aiming and shot out two Psybeams out of his eyes. Rayquaza shook off his dizziness and saw the attacks coming at it.

Charizard! Ash yelled. Mega Punch again!

Charizard, again, flew towards it again. Let me pull another stunt of my own, Mane said. Rayquaza, counter attack!

Rayquaza used its claws to knock the Psybeam away from him, making the attack towards Charizard. His eyes widened as he saw the attack coming towards him. Charizard! Ash cried. Dodge it!

But it was too late, as Charizard was hit by the attack and suddenly became dizzy. Charizard! Ash cried worryingly.

Metagross! Black Jack yelled. Help Charizard out! Hyper Beam attack now!

Metagrosss eyes glowed, as it was about to fire. Im afraid not, Mane replied. Rayquaza, Extreme Speed.

Rayquaza flew directly at Metagross faster than a speed of sound, knocking him down and stopping his attack. No! Black Jack yelled.

Now get Charizard, Rayquaza! Mane yelled. The legendary dragoon flew towards the confused Charizard and knocked him down to the floor. The impact on the floor was so hard that it sounded like a rock smashed into pieces.

Charizard, No! Ash cried as he and Pikachu ran over to him. Are you okay?

Pika? Pikachu cried in concern.

The red fiery lizard couldnt answer, as it was unconscious. Ash got him to return to his pokeball. He then stared angrily at Mane, for all the bad things he has done while Mane smiled confidently at Metagross who was being stalked by Rayquaza.

Finish Metagross off, Rayquaza Mane said. Hyper Beam attack.

Cmon, Metagross, get up! Black Jack yelled as Rayquaza was charging his attack.

Suddenly, a Snorlax grabbed hold of its tail, stopping it in its tracks to attack Metagross. That Snorlax belonged to none other than Ash.

Rayquaza looked back at Snorlax and shot out another Hyper Beam attack, but he dodged out of the way.

Rayquaza turned his attention back at Metagross, but what it saw was two Hyper Beams coming directly at him, which caused an explosion on impact.

GROSS! Metagross yelled triumphantly. He was the one that shot out the beams while Snorlax distracted Rayquaza.

So, Mane, Black Jack said. How does it feel to be cheated?

Its not fair! Mane cried in disbelief. He then started to get angry. Now Im really mad! This is the pokemon that no one can defeat!

Mane chucked out his sixth and last pokeball. The pokemon inside it was Mewtwo!

Black Jack and Ash had determined look on their faces. As much as they dont want to hurt anymore just to save the ones they love, they had no choice but to battle their friend.

I was afraid that he would use him, Ash said.

I bet Mewtwo prefers to be beaten like a punch bag by us than to be a slave to Mane, Black Jack replied. So no worries there.

Dont call Mewtwo my slave, Mane said confidently. He is my pet. You two wont be my slaves either after this battle, oh no, you two will be working as my free workers!

Next episode: Mane is now on his last pokemon, Mewtwo! But Mewtwos powers have increased to take out any living pokemon! Can Metagross and Snorlax take him out (or at least weaken him) to save everyone?
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