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    Vriska Van der Douchevald

    Grass, grass, grass, oh, what a surprise, grass. Where the heck is the forest? Well, maybe if she just headed to the bunch of forests, she'll find it...

    Heading with a very fast pace, with all of her Pokemon behind, she finally arrived at a very small forest. And, surprise, surprise! The place if filled with bugs as far as the eyes can see! The first thing she's going to do is to introduce herself with the bugs!

    "Hello, bugs!" She yelled with excitement, "It's so nice to be here!"

    Unfortunately, she'll have to deal with something first, as she tripped with what could have been a very big rock... No, not a rock, more like... A... person?

    "The crap are you doing there?!" She said, while getting up, without realizing the person was actually unconscious...
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