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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
My only 'other' wish for the future right now is that there be more Bug-types that are purely Bug or have a second type that isn't Poison or Flying.
Did ya miss gen V?
It was heavier bug infested than any other generation to date, and added quite a few exotic ones, like
-Fire, Volcarona
-Electric, Gavantula
and added more of the uncommon combos like
-Grass, Leavanny
-Rock, Crustle
along with making the Bug/Steel combo into the most common by adding Escavalier, Durant and Genesect...if they didn't also add a fifth Poison one, Scolipede, but at least this one is more than a joke.

Even one that stays pure to the final stage, Accelgor.

Which is 9 lines, or 18 pokemon (compared to 12,10,14,9), including the first Bug legendary!

So yeah... but that's not to say there aren't a few exotic combinations left (theres many less diverse though..), and if thats what you actually meant, I agree that there should be some of these asap:
-Bug/Dark (like obvious replacement for the poison ones)
-Bug/Psychic (this really doesnt exist yet wtf)
-Bug/Water (F*ck Surskit.)
theres Bug/Ice too, but that would require some worthy concept..