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Name: Sara Lain
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sara is a very brightly dressed girl, she loves to wear solid colors mostly green and blues. She likes to have designs of normal type Pokemon on her hairband that holds back her long brown hair. She never wears a dress, always wearing t-shirts and jeans or skirts are typical. Her eyes are hazel complementing her gentle facial features. She is lean and fit, favoring to be slender and cut rather than big and bulky to easily maneuver. Her belief that the more she wears, the less efficient it is to do her art, thus she prefers simple clothing; though she always carries a jacket in her backpack for things such as a makeshift blanket or rainguard. On the other hand she loves to decorate her hair, putting all manner of beads and clips to make it look pretty to her. She also wears sneakers meant for running whenever she goes outside.

Personality: She is the exact opposite of calm, always eager to move to the next place. Her problems stem from this inability to have patience. She is reckless in a battle and usually wins from last ditch efforts and avoidance. She herself is a proficient hand-to-hand fighter and can hold her own in a fight. She is not aggressive though and is polite to adults, though she sees herself as superior to people her own age. She has an odd obsession with normal type pokemon. She trains hard and prefers not to always use pokemon unless it is against other pokemon. She also has bad spending habits; tending to overspend, slowing her journey as she often needs to find miscellaneous jobs in cities. She doesn't know how to live on the land so she often tries to rush to cities and towns as fast as possible to escape camping out. If she does get caught outside she doesn't mind resorting to sleeping against a tree though she never likes to stay in forests.

History: Sara came from Pyrite Town in Orre when she was 12. In Orre she would constantly have to fight pro-Cipher kids and sometimes even aggressive shadow pokemon because she would snoop around and steal from them in the Under. Sara herself despised Cipher and what they did to pokemon. She was asked by the Kids Grid to assist them but didn't see their methods as useful and declined. Her mother was a traveling entertainer acrobat; and she wanted Sara to follow in her footsteps. So at the early age of 5 Sara's mother taught Sara and trained her. Sara then created her own crude martial art out of the skills her mother taught her to help defend herself, furthering the problems she caused in the Under. Her mother didn't like how she was fighting so much and especially worried when she came home with bruises. One day a cipher admin told her mother that if they didn't leave they would hurt Sara. Her mother took this as a chance to get away and convinced the admin to pay for them to leave to Hoenn. Moving to Hoenn meant Sara couldn't fight against Cipher but her mother convinced her that living here was the only safe way they could live. Even in their modest apartment in Rustboro City Sara's mom is happy, Sara on the other hand spent two years angry and training so she could one day go back to Orre. But then she heard of a new group here in Hoenn, one that uses weapons to hurt people and special pokemon. She reasoned that they were more dangerous than Cipher and is dedicated to taking them down. She convinced her mother that this was her reason for being there, and reluctantly her mother agreed on one condition: only if she would bring pokemon to help her. Her mother reasoned that a pokemon would be safer than going alone and may make her a better trainer. Sara happily accepted and began to become more like herself, training out of drive instead of anger. She perfected her fighting style and spent her time looking for a pokemon. The one problem she had with that was, she couldn't purchase a pokeball because her family didn't have enough money even with all the odd jobs she did and the money sent from her father in Orre (who was a scientist working on making Orre more habitable for pokemon). When she was called by Professor Birch with the promise of a starting pokemon she saved up money for food on the journey, and kissed her mother goody with the promise that she would come back making her mother and her father proud.
On her way to Littleroot she passed through Petalburg city and met Norman, the gym leader there. He allowed her to watch him battle, this made Sara become fascinated by normal type pokemon and see Norman as an idol. She vowed to become a pokemon master along with her goal to help take down Team Gaia. Norman saw her off and gave her a single pokeball. She ran as fast as she could to the start of her adventure.
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