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    Andrew Thomas

    Andrew heard the boy out and allowed him his rude and frankly uncalled for jibe. He found him less likeable by the second, not for his opinions as the boy was entitled to these, but rather the way the boy conducted himself, the all knowing, arrogant and disrespectful attitude. Andrew was sure this was a show for his classmates...perhaps once the boy found his place within the class or accepted Andrew then he would be less rude. Andrew continued to smile before answering: "A lovely argument but carry on that train of thought! Experiences do indeed change and define us. But you're still not taking these thoughts far enough! Why do they change us? How do they change us? The answer lies in the make up of our minds. The brain is everything we are, our conscious and sub-conscious. Ego, Superego, ID, everything! It grows, it changes, it dies," He looked out at his class before coming to an internal decision, "This is all a bit off topic but its good! Debating and conversation is exactly what I want in this class! Right, so every animal within a species is unique. But at the same time they all have the same core make up and starting point. Thats the basic physiology of the organism. Now from that point on experience effects us. Nature Vs Nurture, modern thinking believes it is a rough 50/50 split and I tend to agree. Biology doesnt only cover physiology...nature....the area of biology known as ethology covers the nature side of things. So Mr Deladius I put it to you that biology can in fact explain personality, thought, culture and everything else. It's the beauty of science and the beauty of our world." Andrew smiled as he sat on his desk. "Does anyone have a rebuttal to this? Mr Deladius?" The class looked on silently, some were writing notes, others just staring.
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