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    You need one more? adsfsdg Well I just so happen to be one person and...

    Name: Noa Liula
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Godly Parent: Demeter
    Appearance: Noa, having long, frizzy, pale blonde hair and dull blue eyes, isn't particularly noticeable. Though her pale hair contrasts with her dark olive skin, flashy and Noa are antonymous. She even dresses like the average apathetic summer camper. Still, she manages to maintain an heir of maturity through expressions and words rather than cosmetics. Fulty eyesight has humbled her, and she doesn't tend to worry about looks she can't see clearly.

    Weapon: A light, fast moving sword. She gains energy and clearer vision when surrounded by plants, and to a degree she can manipulate them and help them grow at the expense of her own energy.

    Personality: Noa is the "glass half empty" type. It keeps her out of a lot of trouble, and she even accredits it to saving her life on multiple occasions, but it also deals some harsh damage to her existing relationships. She's a little too blunt and she has no problem with picking apart something that someone else has said right in front of them. With this, however, comes very rational, down to earth advice and perspective. Noa is known for being bitter and too sarcastic, but also for being a thinker.
    Eyesight has changed some of Noa's thoughts about the world. It's not all that much more severe than any other dyslexic demigod, but having eyesight that shifts back and forth between good and bad has made outward appearance matter all the less to her. What does matter is common sense. Noa doesn't have any child of Athena's great wisdom, but she does have enough wits about her to make her condescending to those she believes don't things through.

    Spring in Oregon (the birthplace of Noa) brought about good health, and winter brought illness. That was the existence of Noa for nearly all of her entire life, living, through her various states of health, with a single father who refused to explain anything at all to her. Even when a Cacturne (albeit a friendly one, it seemed) showed up one day and was made the responsibility of Noa, her father kept his oath of silence. He even kept silent in the worst possible situation when disease nearly blinded Noa and he simply let it be. Her sight would restore for spring and regress for winter, yet he never told her why. Added to her dyslexia and ADHD, Noa already had a lack of faith in father over his unwillingness to either get her help or tell her why.

    Her mind tried to rationalize the things that seemed out of place, a task that became increasingly more difficult the further Noa progressed through life. By the time she was in fifth grade, something was obviously off about her. It was only noticed by a very observant few, but all of her oddities were put on display for the world to see, and that brought only trouble. And harpies.

    Noa hadn't seem a magical creature before that she knew of, and so harpies were definitely one of the more terrifying sights she had seen. Being attacked by them was even worse. Tia, Noa's Cacturne companion put up a decent fight in defense of her, but a decent fighter in the presence of deadly monsters wasn't good enough. Neither was the might of a half-blind ten year old. She had almost resigned that she was going to die. Fortunately, she was saved.

    It was by a teenage girl and her terrible driving that she got a second chance. Now Noa was an active follower of the 'don't get in the car with strangers' rule, but this was definitely a special exception. Noa doesn't remember much about the drive other than that the car seemed to be going much, much faster than it should have been and that whatever was going on outside made her sick to her stomach.

    Eventually, and Noa still curses herself for having not noticed, they ended up in New York, of all places. It wasn't a car chase the whole way, but Noa had passed out long before it was over. The woman, clearly lacking tact, decided to take the time that Noa woke up to introduce herself as a camper from Camp Half-Blood, along with whatever awkward description of demigods she could get in.

    It took two months for Noa to get claimed, something that made Noa almost as upset as the fact that her own father hadn't cared enough to come visit or even look for her. But then again, her father did always know that Demeter was her mother. It all went downhill from there.

    Pokemon Link Species
    : Cacturne
    Pokemon Link Name: Tia
    Pokemon Link Gender: Female
    Pokemon Link Personality: More often than not, Tia is calm and will sleep if left to her own devices. To even make a sound is uncommon for the Pokemon, yet to the human she is connected to she provides plenty of company. Vocal communication may be minimal, but using a more mild type of body language, Tia has her own distinctive way of showing the way she feels. She appears to be just as much of a skeptic as Noa.

    So I'd be happy to change anything, if needed (becausethehistoryisawful). I had some obvious trouble working the Pokemon link in, but that's probably because I need to go back and read about how they all fit in.
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