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    Vriska Van der Douchevald

    Well, it just turned out that the Trainer had somehow passed out, and apparently his Linoone was trying to kill Vriska with its glares, just like any Pokemon owned by a Trainer...

    Yet he seemed to have said something... He wanted Vriska to seal Linnone in its Pokeball and to take him to a nurse... She found a Pokeball lying around and sealed the zigzagging Pokemon in it, but not before catching another glare...

    "Well... Guess the bugs will have to wait..." She said with a little bit of disappointment, "You all help me with this..." Vriska grabbed his left am, Chu held his head high, Nebula was just hovering over him, the newly acquired, yet to be named Murkrow grabbed his right arm, and Buggey just crawled over him, as it was impossible for him to carry any of his limbs. With a team effort, they all slowly began carrying him away. After a slow ride, a very, very slow one, they finally got out of the forest, yet they still had a long way to go to the closest nurse. Where the hell would there be a nurse? She's not quite sure of it...
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