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Ryan and Casper had followed the group all of the way to an abandoned town that was unfamiliar to both of them. They had long since stopped flying and walked after them to reduce the chances of them being seen. <hmmm.. This place looks deserted, and there seems to be a mine there. I wonder where we are?> Casper asked as they flew up onto the roof of a building and looked at all the garbage.

"Well, according to this map, it seems that this would be Oreburge city." Ryan said, maybe a little too loudly, as he inspected the old wrinkled map of sinnoh. Ryan and Casper watched the group walk into Oreburge, and the youngest looking girl picked up a book and promptly threw it away, and studied her hands.

<Ryan, watch out, the younger one is heading towards the building we are on!> Casper warned. Ryan looked and saw that the girl was crawling up the side of the building!

"Crap!" Ryan said softly, and looked around desperately before jumping into a garbage can that is surprisingly empty, and shut the lid. As Ryan sat as quietly as he could, he heard some one yell something about "Lucy-kins and Amy-kins". <I hope we dont run into that psycho> Casper commented to Ryan, as they waited for something to happen.

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