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Im on my iphone, so i wont go down the whole list, but I'll go over a few points.

Follow-me feature: yes, i absolutely love it. Im sure it was a lot of work for the spriters of HG/SS, but it was well worth it. It made the game so much better =)

Return of the berry trees: Sure, why not?

Tournament style elite four: Ya, but then again, I'm kind of sick of the whole 8 gyms and elite 4. We need a...

New Story: Yes!!

Some of my own ideas are

Player/fan designed pokemon: Gamefreak/Nintendo should open up a drawing contest and have the players design some pokemon. Why? Because they are coming up with pokemon like "klink" and "timburr".

Mmorpg style gameplay: I dont even know if this is possible for ds or 3ds, but it would be fun to run around and see other players in the overworld map with features like chat, emotes etc.

Unique characters: Maybe clothes, outfits, costumes etc, anything to make you look unique. Again, lots of spriting, but they proved that they are up for it in HG/SS

Those are my ideas.