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    I looked around and saw the time on the clock hanging on my wall and nearly freaked out. I saw a note on my dresser and picked it up accidentally dropping the six pokeballs that were near the note. It read "Dear Rafael you overslept and all the Pokemon were taken by trainers. If you still want one you have to catch one yourself with the Pokeballs next to this note" The note said and I sighed deeply and quickly got dressed in some light blue jeans and a blue shirt. I slowly walked down the stairs with the six Pokeballs in my left pocket. I nearly tripped over the first step after leaving my house but regained balance and walked towards the first route smiling when I saw a Starly. I took a Pokeball from my pocket and threw it at the Starly but the bird pokemon flew away and the Pokeball instead hit a Gothita and it bounced off its head and sucked it into the Pokeball. It shook a couple times and the button flew red signaling a successful capture.

    "Not what I originally intended but it will do. I just caught a Gothita" I said smiling softly and I threw the Pokeball up letting it out the Pokeball. It looked at me briefly and a pink energy surrounded me and I was slightly lifted into the air and dropped on my back softly. I slightly giggled and got up and softly grabbed Gothitas hands.

    "Hey there Gothita can I call you Waffle?" I asked and it nodded signaling that it liked its new nickname.