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Originally Posted by pinta77 View Post
Oh my gosh... The list of mistakes Ash makes goes on and on.

The biggest in my opinion would have to be the friendhips he throws away as he goes from region to region. I know that his friends make stupid excuses as to why they have to leave, but does he even keep in contact with them? I dont think so. He just replaces people like misty with May, Dawn, and whoever his cronies are in unova. He's not even friends with brock now, is he?
But he does stay friends with them really, he just goes a different way. They show that he's still friends with them because they make significant appearances in the next generation. Brock even came back after Tracy left.

Since the game works differently to the anime I can't say leaving his Charizard, Primeape, Gliscor etc... was such a bad idea because he can still find them and call on the ones he still technically owns when he needs them.

I think his biggest mistake is not ALWAYS using his head. He's been shown to be ingenious in a lotof significant battles but then any random trainer or rival can beat him easily (even with a random Snivy, lolwhat?). If that dude actually paid attention all the time maybe he could finally manage to win a league.

The runner-up screw-up is not using Charizard in the Sinnoh league. Sceptile, Charizard and Infernape are some of his best pokemon but the only one he used was Infernape. If he had used Charizaed not Torkoal for his fire type against Tobias things may have gone better, after all we have already seen proof that it can go toe-to-toe with a legendary (and win) in the Entei movie (and there was a second time I think but I don't remember).

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