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    Hermes laughed heavily. "I accept your challenge kid. I'm Hermes, gym leader of the Mercury City gym. What would be your name?"

    "I am Trent Rift of Viridian City...uhhh....cave? You know what, just call me Drift." Trent couldn't think of a title then and there, so he just went with it. Hermes showed him to the arena and they took their places. "Go Nom!" Trent sent out the Sewaddle and wondered what pokemon Hermes would use.

    "Go Roggenrola!" He threw his pokeball to reveal the little rock thing. "Since you are the challenger, you will go first. Does that sound good?"

    Trent laughed. Of course it would be! "Yes sir." He studied the field. It seemed to be a flat plain with boulders sticking up everywhere. He knew his plan immediatley. "Nom, use String Shot!" Before the Roggenrola could react, it was cocooned with silk...butt silk. "Now use Silver Wind!" Nom shot out multiple slashes of energy at it, knocking it over. "Good job, Nom!" Trent called out. This battle wasn't far from over, however...