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    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    I know it's not an attack, but the whole thing is similar in concept. That's what I was getting at. You'd be getting an unusual Pokemon that you can only receive through an in-game trade. That's what BR25 was suggesting: giving an NPC a Thunder Tentacruel and allowing them to give it to you via an in-game trade.
    Yet again, it would be possible thing to do but was not implemented in G/S/C. Trade pokemon don't have special moves, their moveset is calculated according to their level just as if they were wild pokemon you caught.

    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    I mean, personally, I'm more in favor of just having the Move Tutor concept, but that's not to say there couldn't be some event in the game where you get an unusual Pokemon via in-game trade. It might be useful somewhere.
    That would be useful somewhere indeed, and I just think I figured out where to insert that kind of a code.

    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    Also, neat banner, Miksy! I'll add it to my sig.

    Also, not to say I would be bluffing being able to implement the move tutor concept, here you go!

    Most of the code is created from scratch but I did use some parts of the code that's being executed when a move is taught to your pokemon through TM (the part when you can choose which move to replace with the new move) which also leads to "brown text box bug".

    This was actually the most difficult thing I've ever done because I didn't have that much base code to work with. Now that you can get Sandshrew with Sharpen from Ritch, it's time to implement Double-Edge Sunflora, Jump Kick Pikachu and Thunder Tentacruel. Doing the rest will be easy though because I've already implemented this one and can use parts of it in the other move tutor scripts.
    By the way, Tentacruel won't be able to learn Thunder through TM and the scene of it learning that move isn't anything like this either.

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