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Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
ok, so i have 2 questions.
zubat or swoobat? honestly im tired of zubat being in caves in EVERY GAME. and i've only played black so im not really annoyed with swoobat.
and do you guys mind if Luvdisc evolves into Almomola?
NOTHING! :D Those annoying bats should be left in original games =D

Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
I think Swoobat would fit your hack more. As far as Luvdisc evolving into Alomomola...I don't know. Yea they look similar, but if they were meant to be in an evolution chain, gamefreak would have made it that way.
Well... it's mostly because GF wanted Isshu to be new beginning like Kanto so they did not want to connect it to anything of previous gens.

I don't think anyone would mind either Luvdics evolving into Alomomola or... I don't know Tauros to Bouffalant.
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