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Originally Posted by davel777 View Post
1 Bug Captured..

Mienshao is Arceus?
Yeah, and Arceus has Mienshao's icon. It's a known bug.
I might try to change it.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
I'm sorry, is it wrong for me to make a natural observation? Hacking the game mechanics can cause these types of bugs. It's an observation, leave it at that and don't bring my personal opinion into the matter, please.
Then don't bring your personal opinions into "natural observations" and help instead of observing.

Anyways, I've been playing Snake's Final version and I must say I haven't found any bug o.O I'm up to 7th Lauren gym and no bugs (beside the ones I did by using YAPE :D I just wanted to see what's gonna happen :D)
EDIT: Yeah, I forgot, I found one fairy Shinx (that healing one) =D Should I remove it, or should I leave it as an easter egg? :D

So beside Arceus' icon, the block of ship, anyone has any idea what else should be done to LP?
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