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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

Yeah, and Arceus has Mienshao's icon. It's a known bug.
I might try to change it.

Then don't bring your personal opinions into "natural observations" and help instead of observing.

Anyways, I've been playing Snake's Final version and I must say I haven't found any bug o.O I'm up to 7th Lauren gym and no bugs (beside the ones I did by using YAPE :D I just wanted to see what's gonna happen :D)
EDIT: Yeah, I forgot, I found one fairy Shinx (that healing one) =D Should I remove it, or should I leave it as an easter egg? :D

So beside Arceus' icon, the block of ship, anyone has any idea what else should be done to LP?
I say leave those Shinxes adn as for that Block of ship remove adn replace it with something else... I say make a path (a bridge or something on that)..
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