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    Originally Posted by Requility View Post

    I've been using physical Eelektross on the ladder over the last few days, and Coil has been amazing (so Wild Charge/Dragon Tail/Drain Punch/Coil), by the time the opponent realises what you're doing you actually have a few boosts up and generally enough needed to attack any opponent. tbh you don't even really need Wild Charge that much if you have just Drain Punch/Dragon Tail with Coil, but ya. So yeah, kind of recommending you to go with Coil there. n_n

    As for Roserade, it kinda depends on whether your opponent has a poison type or not. Spikes generally depends on whether they have Rapid Spin, which isn't something every team has, whereas in a general overall play, poison types aren't that unlikely, so I'd probably go for Spikes instead.
    That's helpful, thanks! Do you reccommend the EVs I suggested, or do you use a different set of EVs? (Eelektross)

    And thank you, I'll stick with Spikes.