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    >Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,Hg,SS
    No thank you, unless we get the option to turn it on/off and actually choose which one will be out, instead of the first Pokemon being out.
    >Berry Trees Back
    I wouldn't mind it, but I don't see a reason for it. It's point were the contests and making of poke blocks. Unless they bring back the contests, I see no reason for it.
    >New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)
    >Multiple Regions
    Adding a new original region as post-game for a remake is okay. A new game with multiple regions? No. Too much work for them.
    >Battle Frontier return
    They should focus on something new, like they did with the battle subway. But I hope they make it in the fashion of Battle Frontier and make it more interesting, with leaders etc.
    >New Starter types
    I'm open for a new type, but starters should remain the same.
    >Dark type Gym Leader
    Sure, but not early game. At least in the second half.
    >Tournament instead of elite four
    No. So what, you accidentally end up fighting the specific 4 each time? Fighting random opponents would suck.
    >Return of team rocket
    Why? Why not Team Aqua or Galaxy?
    >New eeveelutions
    No thanks. It already became a Pokemon version of Sega Genesis, they should stop with eeveelutions. And also, who wants to see a Rock/Steel/Dragon/Ghost Eevee? First would end up being a statue, Steel would end up being MechaEevee, Dragon would be...weird..and Ghost would be what? A dead Eevee?
    >New storyline(Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys)
    It's fine as it is. They should use a new storyline for spinoffs.

    What I'd like them to add:

    >Main characters father is the boss of Team Badguys
    We already had a rival like that, and a protag with a Gym leader father. It would be interesting if we got a bad guy father, but without knowing that until the very end of the game when the MC beats him, or something like that. Not knowing who his father is, that is. They could later reuse that in the show and make him Ash's father (j/k)
    >Remove HM
    HMs were always a nuisance, and I think that they should just add something like an pickaxe/wood axe for Rock smash and Cut, and allow you to swim on a water Pokemon, without the use of HM Surf. Like, after the 5th badge, you can swim on your water Pokemon. Same with fly and strength. HM slaves just end up taking space, and using HM on main team is just waste.
    >Champion is your older brother
    That would kinda rework the story a bit, so instead of just becoming a champion, your goal would be surpassing your older brother.
    >All trainers can be re-battled after a week. After a week passes, you can challenge all trainers (including the gym leaders) again. Whether they'll use the original team or a stronger would depend on your number of badges. Example: First gym leader has Lv. ~14 Pokemon, and after you get the second badge, when you battle him again, he'll have Lv. ~20 Pokemon

    There are lots of innovative ideas that could be added without changing the core of the games. I think that the games still need to be in the same way they always were. Adding multiple things could make the same old thing a lot more different.
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