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    I have my third update ready to go.


    - Trained up my team for the Canalave Gym after catching Vulcan the Magmortar.

    - Easily defeated Barry on the bridge.

    - Trained up at Iron Island. I would've caught a Graveler, but of course Smash the Machamp beat it down before I could do so with a critical hit.

    - Battled through the Canalave Gym, and then challenge Byron. I've always underestimated Magmortar, but because of this battle, I know how good it is. Vulcan destroyed every one of Byron's Pokemon until Bastiodon came out, but Smash killed it in one Cross Chop.

    - Went to the library and talked to Rowan, Dawn, and Barry. That explosion happened, too.

    - Flew over to Pastoria to get to the Lake, once I got there, I beat down some grunts. Saturn was no match for my team, though.

    - Beat Mars at Lake Verity. I love Smash so much. Oh so much.

    - Caught Rocky the Nosepass in Mt. Coronet (I had been saving my encounter). In addition, after that, I caught Spirit the Snorunt, who I evolved into a Froslass and grinded up. I now had the final component to my team.

    - Got to Snowpoint City, grinded up some more, then entered the gym. Candice was... Really easy. Magmortar just plowed through anything I used him against, and Smash took out Froslass with Payback (Thank goodness for having No Guard).

    - Went back to the Lake to see Barry was finally defeated by someone other than me.

    - Flew to Veilstone City and entered the HQ. You gotta enjoy taking out Grunts one by one. Microsoft the Porygon2 almost died, but a well timed Hyper Potion against that scientist with the Porygon2 that knew Tri-Attack helped out. I got the Dubious Disc, but I really didn't want to evolve Porygon2 because I don't need another frail-ish special attacker and I love the utility of Porygon2.

    - Cyrus wasn't too bad. Polaris the Empoleon took down Sneasel while Spirit defeated Crobat and Vulcan did the same for Honchkrow. Once more, Saturn didn't stand a chance.

    - Battled through Mt. Coronet. Of course, my first encounter on the outside part is an Absol. Whatever....

    - Double teamed Jupiter and Mars with Barry. I hate that freaking Munchlax. It's so useless.

    - Went through the Distortion World fairly easily. The puzzles aren't hard at all...

    - This battle against Cyrus was... Interesting, and also somewhat saddening. Jay the Staraptor took down Houndoom with no problems. I sent out Spirit against Crobat, which proved to be my undoing. Spirit kept hitting itself in confusion, whereas when I used her last time, Cyrus never used a confusion inducing move. RIP Spirit the Froslass, you will be missed. Gyarados will never be a problem with Microsoft, so that was easy. Weavile and Honchkrow were both finished off by Vulcan.

    - Giratina was easier than I thought it would be. All it took was a couple Ice Beams from Polaris.

    - I was in for quite a surprise when I hit Spring Path to get my next team member. I found a Dusclops, which is exactly the kind of Pokemon I wanted. I named him Reaper. Did I mention it has a Brave nature, so my Attack goes up? I evolved him into a Dusknoir and grinded him up to level 48 like the rest of my team.

    - Currently I'm levelling up my team to go up against Volkner.


    Polaris the Serious Empoleon
    Level 48
    -Rock Climb
    -Ice Beam
    -Flash Cannon

    Jay the Jolly Staraptor
    Level 48
    -Close Combat

    Smash the Bashful Machamp
    Level 48
    -Rock Smash
    -Cross Chop

    Microsoft the Impish Porygon2
    Level 48
    -Signal Beam

    Vulcan the Serious Magmortar
    Level 48
    -Lava Plume

    Reaper the Brave Dusknoir
    Level 49
    -Ice Punch
    -Shadow Punch

    THE BOX:

    Empath the Rash Ralts
    Level 17

    Thorn the Relaxed Roselia
    Level 20

    Harbinger the Naive Duskull
    Level 19

    Derp the Timid Bidoof
    Level 13

    Sewage the Adamant Bronzor
    Level 29

    Rocky the Relaxed Nosepass
    Level 33

    Porker the Mild Swinub
    Level 32

    As a note, if I lose to one of the E4 members or Cynthia, it is not game over. I will grind up the Pokemon in my box, so it will likely be Gardevoir - Roserade - Probopass - Mamoswine - Bronzong - Whatever Pokemon I catch on the next route from Sunyshore or Victory Road.


    Jaws the Lonely Gible
    Level 21
    Died to a Selfdestructing Geodude. RIP Jaws.

    Scorpio the Docile Skorupi
    Level 35
    Died to a Luxio's critical hit. RIP Scorpio.

    Spirit the Timid Froslass
    Level 46
    Died to Cyrus' Crobat. RIP Spirit.

    Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario